Men’s CRHP Team Page

Why Join the Saint Rose Christ Renews His Parish Team

Regular guys attend the retreats and join the teams.  No special knowledge is required to be on a team.  The required experience comes from preparation with the team.

You do not need to have a dramatic faith story in order to be a witness at a retreat.  In fact, your story of overcoming “normal” challenges may impact more people.

As good as it was to attend the retreat, being on the team is even better and has a greater impact.  The impact comes from the team bonding and the preparation activities, including team discussions and the preparation for your role on the retreat.

By being on a team, you will establish close, lasting friendships with men in the parish that will act as a support group.

All team-related conversations are maintained in confidence.  You can share freely and discuss meaningful faith-related items without concern about confidentiality.

Joining a team does not mean that you must deliver a witness talk.  There are many other roles on the team, other than witnessing, that you may be called to fill.

The six-month preparation period consists of weekly meetings on a flexible schedule.  It’s okay if you can’t attend every meeting due to work or other commitments.

Your participation on the team will deepen your faith. Your relationships with God, family, friends, and your parish family will be enhanced and strengthened.  You are fulfilling your role of evangelization that our Lord is calling you to.  You will be blessed by the experience, as you bring others closer to their faith.


Questions and Answers about joining a
Christ Renews His Parish Team

 What are the objectives of Team Formation?

The objectives of team formation are to continue personal spiritual growth, to develop a sense of discipleship within a community of love and service, to prepare for a specific role of ministry for the next renewal weekend and finally to take part in hosting a weekend.

How long is the formation process?

The team formation period starts in September and goes to the next scheduled parish renewal weekend which is during Lent. The formation team meets once a week for a total of 21 times. This all happens with in a six month time frame.

Where does the team hold its meetings?

Team formation meetings are usually held on St. Rose parish grounds. The day and time are decided upon by the team.

What happens during these meetings?

Faith sharing, scripture study, and retreat planning are all a part of the six month process. It is a time where strong spiritual growth of all team members is affirmed, supported, and encouraged.

Do I need to witness to be on a team?

Not everyone who is on the team needs to witness. Witnessing is a personal decision made after many weeks of prayer and discernment of the Holy Spirit’s call to do so. There are many talents needed to put together a vibrant Christ Renews His Parish team.

Who is eligible to be on a team?

Anyone who has participated in a Christ Renews His Parish retreat is eligible at any time to step onto a forming team, whether it is immediately following your retreat experience or a future team.

Where can I get more information?

All Christ Renews His Parish information can be found in the weekly bulletin and on the church website;, click on the Tab for Faith Formation, Saint Rose Retreats.

For information on joining a team please contact one of the team members on your retreat or John Barry at or 203-948-3535 cell.