From Dunblane Scotland to Newtown

This is again from Mgr. O’Sullivan, of the Holy Family parish, Dunblane, Scotland, where we had a similar tragedy to yours some 16 years ago and sixteen very young children were murdered at school together with their teacher, and some twelve other children were wounded, all of them seriously.

I want to assure the priests and parishioners of St Rose of Lima that we will pray for them this Christmas at our Masses that everyone in your community will have a blessed Christmas–I think that may be the correct word.

We assure you all of our love and prayers. Your tragedy brought a lot of memories back to us here in Dunblane.

May the Christ child comfort all those who need his compassion and love and the Blessed Mother comfort all grieving parents.

God bless you all.

(Mgr) Basil O’Sullivan
Holy Family Church