From Scotland

Dear Father.

My name is Monsignor Basil O’Sullivan, an Irish priest living in Dunblane, Scotland, where we suffered a similar tragedy to yourselves on March 13, 1996, at 9.30 am in morning.

Sixteen five/six year old children and one adult were killed in the school gym by a gunman, and thirteen children and two adults seriously injured.

I write to inform you that in this church of the Holy Family, Dunblane, there were prayers and tears for you all at Mass this Sunday morning, as the tragedy in Newtown recalled our own suffering and agony in March 1996.

We have been there, so we know what you are suffering as a community, though of course, only bereaved parents can understand what parents are suffering, and at Christmas of all times. Our tragedy took place during Lent and that was the end of a normal Lent and Easter in our parish. I have no idea how many Catholic children were killed, if any, but our prayers and love go to you as a priest, especially if you have to carry out funerals.

When are we going to see an of this sort of needless and senseless suffering ?

One of the mothers who lost a beautiful little girl in March, 1996, came to me after Sunday Mass this morning ( we are about five hours ahead of you in time, ) and wanted to do something/ anything, so I decided to send you and your parishioners this message of love, tears and heartfelt prayers on behalf of the parishioners of the Holy Family Church, Dunblane, Scotland.

May God comfort all the suffering of Newtown and, in particular, help and strengthen you and the rest of the pastors who have to preach God’s love to the afflicted members of your community.

In Christ,
(Monsignor ) Basil O’Sullivan
Holy Family Church
Claredon Place,