Liturgy Enhancements


We help to maintain order in the Church during Masses through assistance with seating, administering of the offertory and special collections and generally attending to parishioner comfort. If you have special needs in the Church, we will be happy to help you. Men and women of the parish are invited to join us.

Currency Engineers

Currency engineers are volunteers who serve at Mass by collecting the weekly donations to the Church.  They also total all moneis collected at each Mass.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Kathy Marusa


Our ministry is simple. We welcome people to all Masses and try to set an open and friendly tone. We want to help our parishioners and guests enter with a smile that will enhance their Church experience and perhaps even last the whole day. We could always use more happy faces to help us!

Contact: Gerry Waterbury (203) 426-3577 or Ray Gallagher (203) 426 – 2797

Bethany Ministry

Our parish family will always remember in our hearts and minds those parishioners who have gone on to the heavenly banquet. On Saturday, May 31st at the 4:00 PM Mass, we celebrated in a special way Lawrence Saviano, Eleanor Bedore, Helen Vroom, Juliana Iorio, and Francis Hair, who have died since our last Bethany Mass. Although we miss their physical presence among us, we rejoice that they are with the Lord. We also want their families and friends to know that we are here to support them. Please continue to pray for all our deceased parishioners, their families, and their friends.