Social Concern Committee

Photos by Fred Dwyer: Our Lenten Food Drive  2012

The name “Social Concerns” is self-descriptive. We are concerned with the social, as distinguished from the spiritual, issues in our parish and community. We offer ongoing support to help provide for the earthly needs of individuals in distress. We also are a seed organization, a catalyst for other complementary organizations and events that address local secular problems. Please join us, if you hear the call!……….. THE ST. ROSE CARES BOX: sponsored by your Social Concerns Committee, can be found on the altar on specific weekends. Check the weekly bulletin for dates. In the past, your generous contributions have enabled us to help parishioners in great need. God bless you for your love, and please do continue to support those in our community who need our help…..Identification of those in need is important. If you have a need, or know of someone who does, please drop a brief note into the BOX. All information is completely confidential. Contact: Joan Dwyer (203) 426-9337