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Who has the time to keep Christ in Christmas anymore?

MM Advent Series


Who has the time to keep Christ in Christmas anymore?

Who has a plan for ensuring that our daily lives resemble our faith lives during this Advent Season?

As Men, we’ll soon come together to prepare for this special Advent season. We seek to re-center and re-balance our busy daily lives, so that they to give Christ more emphasis this Advent Season. We hope you’ll accept our invitation as a gift to yourself and your families- by joining us for this series. How much more might they need to draw strength from you, in these coming months?

Men of St Rose, we are inviting you to join us as we prepare ourselves to better serve our families and others in this upcoming year. It’s really a simple commitment!  For four weeks, we’ll spend one hour on Saturday mornings preparing ourselves for a faith filled response to our everyday challenges that lie ahead. As you and your family know, your faith life is often a model for theirs too. Are you handling your day-to- day struggles in a way that best models how your faith would have you respond to these challenges? Do you have room to grow and fortify your spirit, for their sake, if not yours?

The St Rose Men’s Ministry is conducting a four week Advent Series (Advent meaning ‘time of preparation’) exclusively for men, that’s aimed at strengthening our own ability to realize and demonstrate our faith throughout our everyday challenges. Our sessions are mostly men talking to men, about everyday challenges and opportunities to apply our faith in response to them…with some great spiritual wisdom to guide us.

Consider giving the gift of your time and effort to your families this Advent Season, by participating in these four sessions on Nov 30th, Dec 7th,14th,21st at 7:30 am in the Knights of Columbus Building. Coffee and bagels will be provided beforehand. Our goal is deepening our own ability to live and model our Catholic values amidst everyday life challenges. We’ve found our families and friends often benefit as much as we do.

You will hear new perspectives and insights each week.  Our primary focus is to help each other to apply our faith to our daily lives. By coming together, we can each achieve our own rebalancing and refreshing of how we’d like our faith responses to address our own life challenges. We’ll leave each week, being in a better position to serve our families in their struggles too.

St Rose Men’s Ministry was formed in 2013 with the guidance of a parishioner, Bob Saraceni. Bob has launched over 20 Men’s Ministries throughout the diocese. The leader of St Rose Men’s Ministry is Mike Ryan. Each Saturday, our group (which is open to all Men) meets from 7:30am – 8:30 am in the Knights of Columbus building. While still in its early stages, over 30 men have attended our weekly sessions. This special Advent Series was designed to reach a broader group of Men in the parish, who may consider participating in a four week series focused on preparing us and our families for the upcoming year.

To register, or for more information, please contact Mike Ryan at mryan9497@gmail.com


Christmas Schedule 2012

Christmas Schedule:

Christmas Eve:
Confessions 10:00am – 12:00pm

4:00pm @ Church (preceded by a concert by the 9AM Folk Choir entitled “Behold the Lamb of God” starting at 3:15 PM)
4:00pm @ Gathering Hall
4:00pm @ Newtown High School (High School Mass features Children’s Pageant) 6:00pm @ Church
11:00pm @ Church (Choir Concert begins at 10:30pm at Church)

Christmas Day Masses:
7:30am, 9:00am, 10:30am and 12:00pm
NOTE: Christmas day Masses are much less crowded!

From Monsignor Bob – Christmas Message

Dear Parishioners,

Had I written my Christmas message a couple of weeks ago as I had planned, it would have had a far different tone than this message. We have not only witnessed one of the greatest tragedies in the world, but we as a community are called to do what we can to move forward.

I have been asked so often how do we celebrate Christmas this year. I believe that we celebrate it in its truest sense, putting aside all the secularity and simply sitting in silence and praying that the hope, healing and peace promised to us by Christ will be given to us in abundance. Perhaps, at least for us as a community, we can reclaim some of what this holyday is meant to be.

We know that some hearts in this town will be broken again on Christmas morning when that one special person is not there to open their gifts. For those whose children and spouses are with them, rather than just going right for the gifts, perhaps a hug and a prayer should come first. Prayers for those for whom this day will never be the same again and hugs for those surrounding you whose life you hold as precious. We need to know that even in these darkest hours, there is still light, light that is brighter than that great star over Bethlehem, which will take us to the place where we need to be…it will take us to the heart of Christ who will heal our brokenness, remove our anger and hurt and fill us with the peace and strength we need to not just move forward but to reclaim the life that is ours as a community in Christ Jesus. Thank you for the incredible strength that you have been for me in these days and for lifting me up in your thoughts and your prayers. I pray a special Christmas for all of us this year and for all that this holy season can hold for us as believers.

Holy Christmas, Monsignor Bob Weiss