Senior Youth Group

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What we are all about…

Our senior Youth Group (SYG) uses a model of youth ministry backed by Life Teen, a worldwide movement within the Catholic Church, through which high school-aged teens (and often their families) are led closer to Christ.

Our goal is to facilitate opportunities for growth in living Catholic Christian discipleship. We seek to guide young people into an educated understanding of and have an active participation in the life, work and mission of the parish community and the Catholic Church.

What do we offer?

LIFE Nights

Small Groups

Retreats – (Steubenville East)

Service Opportunities with Gods Do-Gooders




…and more!!

St. Rose SYG is open to all high school aged teens (9th – 12th grade).  We meet Sunday nights during the school year from 6:00 – 8:30 in either the Safe Place or the church.

About Life Teen:

National Life Teen started in 1985 in Mesa, Arizona and is active today in more than 1000 parishes in 20 countries. Life Teen began in its current form at St. Rose in September 2009.
Does Life Teen have a mission statement? Yes. It is very simple: to lead teens and their families closer to Christ.
How is the mission carried out? It is accomplished through celebration of the Eucharist, through the teachings of Christ and his Church and through community.

What is a LIFE Night? A LIFE Night is an evening of fellowship, education, and growth in faith that begins with Adoration or Rosary every Sunday night. It is the main catechetical component of the senior high LIFE TEEN ministry. We strive to make the church’s teaching available and relevant to all teens during these nights.
What is the Core Team? A group of fun-loving, young at heart adults who are committed to leading young people closer to Christ. They have a great love for Christ and his Church, as well as a great love for teens.

The Core Team challenges teens to connect, grow, and serve as Catholic Christian disciples, and models this for them. They are small group leaders, speakers and living witnesses of the love and lifestyle of Jesus who connect with teens regularly at Mass, LIFE Nights, small groups, retreats, and other events.  The Core team works with teenagers to really listen to God’s will in their lives and encourage them to be sure that this is one of their main commitments for the year. The Core Team participates in monthly planning meetings and regular training and are given clear guidelines on how to minister to teens appropriately and effectively.

SYG Core team is a group of high school junior and senior students who have participated in training sessions and retreats that have developed them as leaders.  These teens are core leaders for both the Edge YG and the Excite YG.
Volunteer with LIFE Support. LIFE Support is a ministry that serves the behind-the-scenes needs of Life Teen, so you can be where your child is without them necessarily seeing a whole lot of you! Help prepare food, chaperone, etc. This is an ideal opportunity to SHARE!
How is Life Teen funded? By your generosity! We welcome donations at any time, which may be mailed or dropped off at the Rectory earmarked for Life Teen.

If you are interested in our Core Team or LIFE Support contact Rodd Blessey, our high school youth minister, at